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EleanorRising is a rock band based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Starting in September, 2011, the band consists of Ryan James (guitars), Rudy Mallari (vocals), and Luis “Luiscifer” Carrillo (bass) formed the group. In June 2015, Jared Whitehead joined on drums completing the band.

After releasing a 5 song EP in March 2012, they quickly began work on their debut album teaming up with fellow musician, producer, and friend Doug Fury (of Scatterheart and Bif Naked fame); the result being "Amplify" which was released on January 3, 2013.  The album produced three singles: “Sorry”, “City of Sin”, and “All Falls Down” that were played on various internet radio stations in Canada and the U.S.

The band’s sophomore album “Dos”, released in July 2014 continues to showcase the band’s signature guitar driven rock sound with hints of blues and southern rock. The album tackles various subjects like the first single “Take Me Home” about a soldier’s struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder and “Stolen” a song for the students who lost their lives in the Newtown, Connecticut shootings, among other thought provoking subjects. Whether you’re a fan of the music or the lyrics, they’ve got you covered.

Their hope is to continue to inject their music into the ears of listeners’, one song at a time.

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